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Corporation Name:Jokema industry Co.,Ltd
Services & Products:acrylic sheet , pmma sheet , acrylic sheet process


Jokema industry is professional at diverse cast acrylic sheet from Taiwan. Over the years, we devote ourselves to the development and research of acrylic sheets in order to reach the best in cast acrylic field. The company use Japan Mitsubishi rude material with advanced equipments and techniques to make sure each sheet can present excellent in transparency degree and minimum thickness tolerance. After decade’s successes and great reputation between our clients, we take one step ahead to conduct and expand our successes and high quality acrylic sheet with brand named JKM for marketing and brand maintenance.
We realize innovation is the key to last expanding for us and to create value for our partners. In addition, we believe the honesty is the foundation for long term cooperation with our customers. These are how we deal with business and keep growing.

Why source from us?
You gain big competitive advantages when you source from JOKEMA as:
⊙With competitive price to help you to occupy your market rapidly.
⊙With excellent quality to easily market or maintain your brand and accumulate your reputation between your clients as well.
⊙We orientate ourselves as the platform of information, technique , logistic and business service for our clients. To become a reliable partner on whom our clients can rely.
⊙Stay notified of new products and early hot-sellers for introduction into your market
⊙Have the confidence of product inspection before shipping.
⊙Keep tracking the condition in use and sale for fully satisfied after sell.

If you are looking for a reliable supplier who can offer various acrylic sheet with stable quality , on-time delivery and excellent after sale service , we are the one you never disappointed.

Product Specification
Cast acrylic sheet:
1. Thickness: 1mm to 30mm;
2. Size: 1220mm*2440mm, 1220*1830mm for more dimension please contact us.

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